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Dogfights in bed just got easier... ***cue creepy smile***

space fighter bed

The fastest way to get my son to become an intergalactic hero would be to purchase him a star ship right now. However, since star ships aren't readily available, the best I can do is purchase him a star ship bed. If I had the money for it, that is. At, you can purchase a custom deep space fighter bed for your child, complete with galaxy mural, for $15,000. You can also purchase murals seperately for $6,000 and custom beds starting at $6,000 and going as high as your design needs require.

It's pricey, but it's pretty damn cool. Your child and all of his friends would think you were the coolest parent ever. Unless your child wasn't into spaceships and sci-fi. In that case, why the hell did you spend $15,000 on a star ship bed?

Head over to to browse the different beds and rooms that they can design.

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