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Does EA Want the Wii U's Online to Be Exclusive to Origin?

EA was one of the companies showing support for the Wii U when the console was announced at E3 earlier this year. Though DICE has stated that there is currently no game planned for the Wii U just yet, previous reports have indicated that EA is keeping a close eye on the hardware. A new rumor has surfaced, this time pertaining to the Wii U's online functionality.

According to Wii U Go, EA and Nintendo are in talks regarding making the Wii U exclusively reliant on Origin, EA's own online service. If true, this partnership could be good for both parties. Origin would get some representation on the home console front, meanwhile Nintendo would get a valid online component.

Rumors also suggest that EA isn't the only company trying to position itself with the Wii U. Valve is also rumored to want some representation on the Wii U. EA, however, is said to be fighting for Origin to be the Wii U's exclusive online service.

It's interesting to think that companies such as EA and Valve may indeed want some stock as online distributors for the Wii U. Whether this is all true remains to be seen (rumors, you like 'em?), but if it is, then Nintendo has to really consider all of its options. A lot of gamers seem to dislike Origin, while most people I know absolutely love Steam. Personally, I would like to see Nintendo go with Valve, as it may open the door for some cool opportunities and fresh indie games on a Nintendo platform.

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