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Doctor Who: BBC has revealed Jodie Whittaker's official outfit as The Doctor

What do you think of The Doctor's new sense of style?

Doctor Who: BBC has revealed Jodie Whittaker's official outfit as The Doctor

BBC has revealed what Jodie Whittaker's Doctor will look like for series 11 of 'Doctor Who'.

Arguably, one of the most controversial decisions to come from the BBC in recent history in regards to 'Doctor Who' has to be the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor. Being the first female to take on the iconic role in its entire 54 year run, onlookers have met the choice with the usual internet brand of hate, despite actual fans of the series being in total favor of her as the new incarnation.

With so much change coming to the series with a new Doctor, new showrunner, Chris Chibnal, and apparently new TARDIS, fans have been awaiting the inevitable reveal of what her outfit will look like. Usual tradition of the show has The Doctor assuming a certain outfit scheme that embodies their own personality. In a way, the clothes the titular Timelord chooses is a first impression of who they are. Recently, the BBC has officially made that reveal in a twitter post earlier today:

It looks like JW's Doctor will adopt more of a free-spirited guise. While the look seems pretty unique, it does subtly hearken back to previous Doctor outfits. For example, the multi-colored stripe across her shirt resembles the iconic scarf of Tom Baker's Doctor and the suspenders were a staple of Matt Smith as well. Not to mention, the TARDIS in the background does look different, switching out the white "Pull to Open" sign with a black one.

It's safe to say Jodie Whittaker and the crew were trying to find something that seems relatively gender neutral and they appear to have hit it. It might take some getting used to, but it gives off a less stoic, more carefree appeal, without going too goofy with it. However, that still leaves the question: Does she have the chops to save the universe with the best of them. We'll find out when the new season starts next year.

Jodie Whittaker makes her debut on 'Doctor Who' after Peter Capaldi's departure during the 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special, 'Twice Upon a Time'.

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