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DLC Review: A look at Duty: World at War New DLC - Map Pack 1

March 24, 2009

A look at Duty: World at War New DLC - Map Pack 1
by Michael Knutson

Maps, zombies, and vending machines oh my!

It was only a matter of time before Treyarch released downloadable content for their latest hit Call of Duty: World at War. The new DLC is entitled Map Pack 1 and contains three new maps and a new Nazi Zombie level.

The three new maps are a great addition to the multiplayer maps as it finally breathes some new life to the game. The problem with popular first person shooter games is that after a while, all of the levels get extremely stale. This, in turn, makes the game not as fun to play in the long run. The three new maps really help solve this problem with new locations and hidden goodies.

The first map is called Station, and it is a German versus Red Army map. As its name implies it is set inside a train station. The main focus of this level is fighting as it is a rectangular level that has a set of train tracks in the middle of the level. This level is smaller than the others, but it provides ample opportunity for close combat fighting and is best suited for capture missions.

Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360 screenshots

Knee Deep is a US Marines versus the Japanese. This map is the biggest of the three new maps and has a ton of different places to hide and surprise the enemies. This is also the most detailed of the three maps with lots of buildings, streams, and even rice paddies to wade through. Players will love fighting it out, and calling in the artillery strikes against their enemies.

The last map is entitled Nightfire, and it is another German versus Red Army map. The location for this battle is in the ruins of Berlin. This level takes place during the night, so the only real light comes from the explosions that are caused by gunfire and grenades. This level is huge and offers a ton of hiding places for snipers to pick off unsuspecting victims. This level is the best out of the three, the night time warfare really makes this map suspenseful to play.

Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360 screenshots

Players will also love the new German Zombie mode entitled Verruckt, which means crazy in German. This level is set inside an insane asylum and this is only where the fun begins. When players first start off the mission they will be separated into two groups, which makes it all the more frantic to get the necessary points in order to join up with the other group. Also the Zombies in this level are harder to kill and tougher than the other game. To help with the harder difficulty there are now vending machines spread throughout the level where it will give players special abilities like to reload faster or get double the kill points. This new level is a blast to play and will keep players coming back to for a while.

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pap 1 is priced at 800 Microsoft Points

Having new maps to play on is always a good thing, especially for diehard fans of the game. The new Nazi Zombie level is a blast to play.

800 points is a tad high for the amount of content.

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