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DLC Drop: SimCity gets an Amusement Park

SimCity Amusement Park - Adventure Park

"It's a world of laughter, a world or tears. Its a world of hopes, its a world of fear." Yea, you get the point. Ironically, the lyrics to It's a Small World really do describe my feelings towards SimCity. Never the less, Amusement Parks have arrived Maxis' simulation game, allowing you to transform your bustling city into a tourist attraction filled with rides, shows, and turkey legs.

The newest Amusement Park expansion was explained in fine detail last week, but EA and Maxis have released a video that provides an overview of what is included in the add-on. In short, the purpose of the Amusement Park is to turn your city into a tourist destination. But unlike typical tourist attractions which earn money just by visitors, you need to actually encourage guests to spend money in your parks. To do so, you'll need to carefully plan and balance how your Amusement Park is laid out.

SimCity's Amusement Park DLC is now available for $9.99 via Origin.

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