DLC Coming Soon to A World of Keflings

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Being surprisingly cute, yet definitely forgettable, one would think that A World of Keflings would be finished with releasing additional content. WIth that in mind, today a new DLC add-on has been announced for the XBLA title. 

The add-on, entitled "It came from Space," throws players in an aliene-themed kingdom where you can build and raise alien Keflings. Lead Designer on the game, Mike Nielsen, provided some additional details on the It came from Space DLC: 

Aliens have crash-landed in the Kefling world and you and the Keflings need to use your mad building skills to get them home. You'll be building giant robots, crazy alien structures, and even robotic Keflings all in the name of repairing their mother ship. There's plenty of new stuff to explore - a new kingdom, new characters, new resources, new buildings... It's pretty substantial. 

Nielson provided no price or release date for the DLC, but did state that it was far along in development, so keep your eyes peeled on more A World of Keflings action. 


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