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DJ MAX Technika for Vita is the music game of my dreams

I am a huge fan of the DJMAX games for the PSP. Maybe it's because I immensely enjoyed Beatmania games, and because I had a music game with incredibly catchy tunes on the go. It wasn't until last year during PAX where I was first exposed to DJMAX Technika at an arcade in Seattle, and my mind was blown. After wishing and hoping, unsuccessfuly I might add, for the game to make the jump to iPad, it looks like the portable iteration will be coming to the PS Vita.

And why not? Thanks to the Vita's giant screen, and extremely responsive touch controls, it seems like a perfect platform for Technika. It looks like the same visuals the DJMAX series is known for will continue here, as well as the catchy tunes. Make sure to check out the trailer above for your first look at this PS Vita exclusive.

While there hasn't been an official release date set for the US, it will be released in Korea this June.

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