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"Disposing" Of Your PS Vita Could Mean Disposing Of Your PSN Account


Sony has released an instruction/hardware manual to their hugely anticipated handheld, the PS Vita, today. After browsing the various sections detailing the nifty features that it will feature, I came across a section titled "Before disposing of your PS Vita system." I haven't even got mine yet and I should already be worried about disposing of it? Turns out this section is actually quite important.

The first part of that section reads:

Before disposing of your PS Vita system or buying a replacement, first delete your PlayStation®Network account and other information by performing the procedures in this section. This helps you to protect your personal information and prevent its unauthorized use by third parties.

It was reported that the PS Vita will allow only one PSN account per system. You're thinking, "obviously I'm going to delete my account info" but let's face it, it's definitely not the first thing on everyone's mind that is either selling, exchanging or getting their system repaired. Why this is so scary is because of this:

You cannot deactivate your PS Vita system after you dispose of it. Because the number of systems that can be activated for a PlayStation®Network account is limited, deactivate your system before disposing of it.
While you are signed in to PlayStation®Network, tap (Settings) > [Start] > [PlayStation®Network] > [System Activation] and follow the on-screen instructions.

The first sentence alone of that part is pretty scary. If you forget to unlink your PSN account from your PS Vita when you're done with it, or merely exchanging it, that could essentially mean that you can no longer access that same account from a different PS Vita since it's locked to each system.

What other secrets does Sony's Vita hold? Time to scour the manual some more.

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