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Disney Launches New Content for Pirates of the Caribbean Online

February 29, 2008

Disney Launches New Content for Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Disney Online has just launched new content for Pirates of the Caribbean Online, including new customization options, emotes, and updates to the Lookout System, among other features.

Players can now further customize their avatar with new hairstyles, tattoos, jewelry, and clothing. To celebrate the launch of the new customization features, Disney Online is giving Unlimited Access Members an exclusive skull bandana. Players can pick up the bandana from any tailor before midnight on Sunday, March 2.

Click here to download a new Pirates of he Caribbean Online trailer.

With the addition of emotes, players can now communicate with others through actions such as dancing, laughing, clapping, celebrating, crying, flexing, waving, and more. A new “Looking for Crew” (LFC) feature allows players to tell other Pirates that they are interested in crewing up by placing a “Looking for Crew” message above their avatar’s head.

Disney Online has additional content planned for 2008 including a new Black Pearl Boss Battle as well as the expansion of ship customization, extension of quest story lines, and the addition of more enemies and challenges.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online, developed and published by Disney Online, is rated E10+ and features lower PC and Mac system requirements than most other games in this genre, allowing for easier access to a broader audience of players. Players can download the game directly and access additional information at

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