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Disney Interactive Studios Profiles Ultimate Band's Skate Park Venue and Fashion Focus

November 3, 2008

Disney Interactive Studios Profiles Ultimate Band's Skate Park Venue and Fashion Focus

Skate Park as rock venue? Just because it hasn't been tried before (can you spell collision?), the Ultimate Band design team has mixed guitars and grinds to create one of their favorite places to play. "From the beginning, we wanted the skaters to be part of the performance of your band--so we put the performance space right smack in the middle of the action," says lead designer Manfred Neber. "We've 'built' ramps leading to jumps that go over and around the band, and rails around performance area for the skaters to grind."

And then there's the giant loop, created by the team's resident skateboard scholar, Cardy Godina, who knew the feature is a rarity even within the extremes of extreme sport. “He came up with the idea of a loop which pops up in the middle of stage,” Neber says. “The loop is so large that it defies physics. That's typical of a lot of the things we design: just like real life, but even more over the top.”

From T-Shirts to Bat Wings: What to Wear on Ultimate Band

There's plenty to choose from when picking costumes for your Ultimate Band performance. The character design team, led by Colbe Acree, spent almost six months working out ideas in preproduction. “We tried to blend genres, so that when you pick your top and bottom, you feel like you can really mix and match,” Acree says. “For example, you can have a nerd girl look of cropped pants, but combine it with a leather jacket--about a third of our costumes are specifically for female characters. But maybe you just throw on big leather gloves and a crazy hat, combined with a department store polo shirt. None of this goes together, of course, but that's the whole point.”

To keep things realistic, beginning band members must watch their budget. “We didn't just want to open up the costume shop--you've got to earn your way to the cooler items,” Acree says. “So while we've included everything from a 1980s hair metal band look to indie rock pinstripe pants, sometimes a band may just wear what I wear everyday--t-shirts and jeans, and we definitely put some of that in there, too.” As you progress, you have more choices. And when you perform really well, the design team has sewn up some surprises. “We saved some of our more radical ideas for special occasions, including a space helmet and a pair of bat wings. The better you perform, the more creative license we give you.”

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