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Disney Announces Bumper Line-Up of Mobile Games for Spring 2008

February 11, 2008

Disney Announces Bumper Line-Up of Mobile Games for Spring 2008

From Hannah Montana to Donald Duck - five brand new titles for mobile phones from Disney

Walt Disney Internet Group today announces five brand new titles for its mobile phone range of easily playable, highly enjoyable games that can be played by all ages.

In keeping with Disney’s unrivalled reputation for family entertainment and traditional gameplay values, the games encompass a variety of genres, suitable for all types of mobile phone user. They also feature well-known, well-loved characters, both from Disney’s roster, from Living Mobile, and beyond.

From Hannah Montana to Donald Duck, there’s something for everyone here:

First up is Lego Bionicle Defenders, (based on the Flash game Tower Defenders), featuring the popular Lego line of articulated toys in the mobile world. This fast-moving game takes place in a hostile undersea environment, where the player must battle through 16 levels and clear out all the Barrakis’ hostile sea creatures in their search for the Mask of Life. Lego Bionicle Defenders’ simple, yet addictive gameplay ensures that Lego fans of all ages will find it an entertaining challenge, as they build towers to outwit and thwart the Barrakis. Lego Bionicle Defenders will be available from March 4.

Also in March, Disney Channel TV star Hannah Montana will be available on mobile, with a range of phone personalization features, including wallpaper, screensavers, realtones, ringtones, and phone themes. All of these showcase 14 year old Miley Cyrus, the seemingly normal girl-next-door, whose alter ego is famous teen pop sensation Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana, the TV show is watched in over 23 million homes across Europe, and Hannah is sure to be a hit on mobile phones as well.

The more traditional Disney characters also feature in the spring line-up of mobile games, with the ever-popular Donald Duck returning in Disney's PK - Phantom Duck. Disney's very own superhero is available on your mobile screen now, in a platform game, with puzzle challenges running through it to test the player’s brains. Help Super Donald use his wits to solve them and see him find clever ways to outsmart his enemies! Comic strip cut-scenes come to life seamlessly between levels continuing the storyline of the game. There are also wallpapers, screensavers, and themes available to augment the game experience.

Donald Duck also stars in Disney Bonus Selection, which includes two games for the price of one. Donald Duck's Quest Deluxe is a sequel to the wildly popular Donald Duck’s Quest game, delivering more than 60 levels of puzzles and five hours of brain-tickling fun! Follow the story of Donald & Friends in this brand new plot written for mobile featuring beautifully animated cut-scenes. You get to choose your character – Donald, Uncle Scrooge, Dewey, Huey or Louie – and must try to foil Magica de Spell's wicked plan to steal Scrooge's Dime Number One.

In the second game, Duckburg, you play as rookie cop Donald Duck and help him keep traffic moving smoothly through the chaotic streets! Donald has just joined the Duckburg force and must work his way through 15 promotion levels to become Best Traffic Officer. But beware of rival rookie cop and cousin, Gladstone, who tries to set him back at every turn! Help Donald meet the challenge by directing traffic without causing accidents; synching up the traffic lights, ensuring that Scrooge McDuck gets to the Millionaires Club on time, and more. Three mini-games also help you rack up points and keep Donald on his traffic-taming toes.

Then, later in the year, WDIG will release the second game in its Narnia series, based on the classic books by C S Lewis, Narnia Prince Caspian. From the silver screen to the mobile phone, Prince Caspian takes on the enemies of old to restore the Golden Age. Following their adventures in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the Pevensie children return to Narnia one year later to find it a very different country indeed. The land is now under control of the evil King Miraz, who rules without mercy.

In addition to the game itself, WDIG will be releasing Prince Caspian branded wallpapers, ringtones, realtones, theme, and screensavers. Both the game and the film Narnia Prince Caspian are due to be released in August.

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