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Disney takes control of UTV Ignition


While most of us think of Disney as either Mickey Mouse's world or the house that built Hannah Montana, we must also think of it as one of the biggest companies out there with the money to acquire new companies at any time. Yes, the Disney Company has acquired UTV, which is an Indian media company that just happens to own the game publisher, UTV Ignition.

Although it looks like Disney's main goal of the acquisition is to grow Disney media in India, one can't look past the ownership of a video game publisher known for Quarrel, Deadly Premonition and El Shaddai. Disney has not released any information on what they plan to do with the publisher as of yet, but maybe we have a Disney character themed Quarrel title to look forward to. Or better yet, some kind of Disney horror game featuring all of Disney's horrifying villians. Ursula comes to mine.

Other than the recent acquisition, not much is known on how this will affect the video game publisher. We will keep you up to date as news comes in. [Eurogamer]

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