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Disney resumes talks with Fox to buy most of company

It sounds like it's probably going to happen.

Disney resumes talks with Fox to buy most of company

Several weeks ago we reported that two of the biggest companies in Hollywood had been negotiating a massive business deal. The two giants, Fox and Disney, were ultimately unable to come to an agreement for a variety of reasons and the conversation ended. After the news reached the public, an outcry for Disney to sign a fat check for Fox's properties spread throughout the internet.

For those unaware, Disney owns Marvel Studios who own some of the biggest superheroes of all-time. Disney has helped spawn the biggest movie franchise ever via the Marvel Cinematic Universe and despite its success, some fans are demanding more from the movies. Fox owns Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Deadpool, and more, some of these characters are essential for some Marvel comic stories that fans want to see on the big screen and who doesn't wanna see some of the greatest superhero teams interact with each other?

After the response to these talks, Disney and Fox are reportedly back in talks. If it goes through, the sale would not include Fox local affiliate stations (local news stations), Fox Sports, or Fox News but channels like FX would go to Disney along with a number of major movie franchises like Alien.

That last part has some folks worried though, Disney is known for their family-friendly approach, never going into the R-rated territory. If Disney gains all these properties, could we lose out on some major franchises and riskier movies like Logan and Deadpool? It's too soon to tell but it does pose a threat to some of Fox's major IPs.

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