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Disney Infinity 3.0 patch fixes Flynn's Arcade, adds new bosses and more

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Venom boss

After collecting feedback from the community on lingering glitches and functionality issues, the Disney Infinity team has released a new patch for 3.0, which brings many welcome improvements and even some new gameplay additions.

To many, the most pressing need of all was the non-functioning Arcade, an area dedicated to online match-ups using community-made Toy Boxes. If Flynn's Arcade was in soft-launch mode before, it's now officially live as matchmaking is working as originally intended. As well, you are no longer required to enter the Toy Box Hub to get there, as Toy Box Arcade (along with Toy Box Theater) is now an option under the Main Menu as a quick jump point.

The patch also brings other positive changes to common issues, one being where players fall through the floor of an INterior (a leftover glitch from 2.0). Another has to do with game crashes during online sessions, which has been corrected by way of improved game stability. Additionally, the Toy Box editor in the Wii U version did not allow access to the Custom Filters sub-menu, but regular Toy Box builders will be pleased to know that this too has been fixed.

New Toy Box features have also been included in this update, the most notable of which is a boosted Boss Fight Spawner. The toy now features Venom, Boba Fett, Syndrome and others for a total of 11 bosses, versus the three originally offered. As well, the Friend Generator toy now features a much more diverse list of spawnable townspeople and critters (another problem that can be traced back to 2.0).

A full breakdown of everything affected by the patch can be found on the Disney Infinity website.

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