Disney Infinity 2.0 coming in August 2014, with Marvel characters

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Disney Interactive may not be ready to reveal its future plans for Disney Infinity until later this month, but thanks to a Google Cache of Disney's website, we now know Disney Infinity 2.0 will be released in August 2014.

"The teaser promises such Marvel-ous additions to the game as familiar Marvel characters, objects, and vehicles—the possibilities are infinite," the brief, now-pulled statement reads.

The addition of Marvel characters in Disney Infinity was first teased earlier this month. Disney released a brief trailer showing Captain America's shield whizzing by characters in the game before cutting to a screen that teased "Bring on the Super Heroes," along with the label mentioning a "2.0 Edition of Disney Infinity."

Unfortunately, the cached statement does little in clearing up confusion as to what Disney Infinity 2.0 actually is. Is it brand new, fully-featured sequel? Or is it just an enhanced version of the game, with extra content like The Avengers, possibly also released for next-gen systems?

Disney is hosting an event later this month where it's expected to announce all of the details regarding Disney Infinity 2.0. Hopefully all will be explained then.

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