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Dishonored's stealth system, game difficulty explained

In the Dishonored gameplay videos, you may have noticed that Corvo, when enemies were very close, remained capable of staying hidden, even if they were looking in his direction. This is because, in Dishonored, stealth is occlusion-based. In the latest Bethblog, Dishonored co-directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith detailed the stealth system found in the game, while touching on the subject of save systems and gameplay difficulty options.

"It’s mostly based on enemy view cone and hiding behind objects or architecture," explained Colantonio and Smith.

"What you might be describing is the Lean feature," they suggested. "If Corvo is hidden behind something, he can lean out to see ahead, eavesdrop, and observe the situation. As long as Corvo’s body is hidden, enemies up ahead will not see him."

"Dishonored also allows players to peep through keyholes, and the game has a Dark Vision power that can be obtained," they explained. "Dark Vision displays enemies and their view cones through walls, and it features an abstract representation of the sounds the player makes."

As for the save system found in the game, they explained that Dishonored will have both checkpoints and the option to save where ever you want. The only time you can't save is during combat.

Lastly, in the final question, game designer and associate producer Dinga Bakaba detailed the four levels of difficulty in Dishonored. These range from a "casual experience to a demanding challenge".

"The main factors affected by difficulty are enemy perception, damage and responsiveness, as well as health and mana potion potency. Easy also causes part of your health to regenerate over time," Dinga said.  Earlier this month, it was revealed that Dishonored will take roughly 12 to 14 hours to complete depending on play-style.

Dishonored is a brand new IP from Bethesda that features first-person action gameplay. Players control Corvo, a supernatural assassin who combines supernatural abilities with weapons and gadgets to dispose of his foes. In the game Corvo is framed for the murder of the beloved Empress and becomes an infamous assassin known only by the disturbing mask he dons.  However, when the city becomes besieged with plague and is ruled by a corrupt government with strange technologies, Corvo must act as dark forces bestow supernatural abilities upon him.

Dishonored will be available in North America on October 9, 2012 and throughout Europe on October 12.  It is slated for release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

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