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Dishonored: Rat Assassin brings rodent-slaying to iPad


Dishonored: Rat Assassin has been available on iOS platforms for a while now. Folks who aren't very fond of rats have been taking out rodents left and right, and apparently, they've been enjoying it, as indicated by the free download's 4.5/5 rating.

Unfortunately for people who would rather destroy rats on a bigger screen, Rat Assassin wasn't previously playable on the iPad. That is, of course, until now.

You can download Rat Assassin absolutely free of charge through the App Store, and now you can enjoy it on your snazzy iPad. The game is compatible with first, second, and third generation units, so if you're curious about playing the game on your iPad, get to it!

Rat Assassin tasks you with eliminating an overabundance of critters threatening the city of Dunwall. The game features three modes of play and Fruit Ninja-esque gameplay. If you're looking for a quick time sink, you can't go wrong with this free mobile game.

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