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Disciple new MMORPG launching

May 20, 2009

Resistor Productions Launches Disciple, the New Adult Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

Graphically rich, browser-based Disciple opens to more than 10,000 pre-registered users, allows for battle play anytime, anywhere San

Resistor Productions today announced the adult online battle and strategy game Disciple, its first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The fully-animated game is delivered entirely over web browser, with no software or download requirements, for an unprecedented, graphically rich gaming experience without the location confines of client games. Disciple’s original fantasy world, Aphelion, is persistent and for adults, as it’s extremely brutal and violent with bloody battles to the death. Disciple is player vs. player (PvP) – a player’s opponents are live as are their allies, aligning, fighting and strategizing in real-time to gain experience points, powerful weapons and armor, and increase in player ranking. The creation of each player’s unique “disciple” determines his or her life foundation, strengths and play-style, and all players compete for "geldors" (money) based on battle wins and losses. There is also the option to create or join a clan of disciples to determine allies and enemies within the world – powerfully crushing foes en mass. The world, characters, story and creation of Disciple are based on the writings of Tobias Batton, Founder and CEO of Resistor Productions.

“I wanted to take MMORPGs to the next level with Disciple and its ability to be played anywhere yet be challenging, graphically rich, engaging – even addictive,” said Batton. “Disciple is all about creating a character that is an extension of the player’s personality, and watching it grow and become more powerful, no matter where the player is or what their circumstance."

A player’s character is always fighting in Disciple – actually battling others while the player is offline. There is also a huge social aspect within Disciple, as players flood various chat rooms or strategize one-on-one to discuss strategy, align and defeat.

Disciple is free-to-play with the ability to purchase enhanced play content and options within the game via microtransactions or a small subscription fee. Disciple is available for immediate play at

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