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Disaster Report Designer Wants Series to Live On


A handful of games were delayed and canceled in the wake of the tragic earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan a few months ago. One title that suffered was Disaster Report 4, a PlayStation 3 exclusive in development by Irem. The game revolved around a crumbling city, with players assuming the roles of characters trying to escape.

Due to the graphic imagery, the game was canceled out of respect for the people of Japan. Since then, designer Kazuma Kujo has left Irem and is now working at his very own development studio, Granzella. Despite working on other projects with his new company, the designer did make it clear that he would like the Disaster Report series to see a return someday.

The subject was brought up by a fan on Twitter, who told Kujo that Disaster Report should return to development. The designer tweeted that he would be doing what he could in his power to ensure that the series was faithfully revived, as translated by Andriasang. I'm not 100 percent sure what kind of time and devotion Kujo gave the franchise, but at least we know he wants Disaster Report to return.

Whether or not he'll be taking major steps to ensure that the action-adventure series goes back in development is unknown, but you have to remember that Kujo is a busy man with his own studio now. Don't expect the series to be revived overnight. We'll have to wait and see what developer Irem has to say about all of this.

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