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Director's cut of Spider-Man 3 quietly becomes available on Amazon Video

New scenes added, scenes removed, and more

Director's cut of Spider-Man 3 quietly becomes available on Amazon Video

UPDATE: Spider-Man 3 has since been removed off Amazon Video for purchase. It'll more than likely return when Sony officially releases the alternate cut. You can read the original story below.

Original Story:

Spider-Man 3 may not be universally loved but that hasn't stopped Sony from releasing an all new version of the film nearly 10 years later.

We previously learned that an alternate cut was coming later this summer via a leaked retailer listing but it was unclear what changes would be made to the 2007 film or if the listing was even real. Sony still hasn't officially announced the movie but it is very much real.

The new cut of the film features changes that only people who have seen the movie numerous times will probably notice. Some of the music is changed, some scenes feature alternate takes with different dialogue, some of the scenes seen in trailers but not featured in the theatrical release have been added, some scenes have been removed entirely, and more.

The film clocks in at just under 2 hours and 18 minutes, making it about 2 minutes shorter than the theatrical version. If you're interested in renting or purchasing it, you can click here to get it on Amazon.

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