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Dino Run 2 hits Kickstarter in a prehistoric stampede

Dino Run 2

Dino Run is a Flash game from 2011 where players steer a dinosaur through dangerous side-scrolling environments and away from its looming extinction. Awesome. Now the developer that helped make it has turned to Kickstarter to crowdfund a sequel to the prehistorical multiplayer racing game.

Pixeljam Games requires $175,000 to make Dino Run 2, a colorful, chaotic-looking pixel game for PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya, with iOS and Android versions to follow six months later. It will feature multiple playable dinosaurs, each with different skills and visual customizations, and span a few "historically impossible" eras of Earth — including modern day.

It will also support real-time, cross-platform multiplayer so PC players can race opponents on iOS and so on. Local co-op is also a consideration:

"This is definitely something we want to put in the game," reads the Kickstarter. "Technically it should not be terribly difficult. Probably split screen when players are far away and single screen when close."

So far, the campaign has raised over $18,000. It has 28 days to go. Estimated delivery is Dec. 15.

As we like to say, take our money!

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