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Ding! Speed Bag: Urban Gym Set to Hit the App Store

October 26, 2009

Ding! Speed Bag: Urban Gym Set to Hit the App Store

New Boxing App Offers the Most Realistic Training Experience on the iPhone and iPod touch

Manayunk Productions today has announced that Speed Bag: Urban Gym will soon be available on the App Store. Featuring an unprecedented level of realism in mobile boxing, Speed Bag: Urban Gym offers players the chance to truly experience what it is like to hit a speed bag, all from the convenience of your iPhone and iPod touch.

Whether you are a boxing veteran, or a newcomer looking to break into the sport, Speed Bag: Urban Gym combines real-time physics and timing with a 3D speed bag to provide the ultimate training simulation for mobile users on-the-go. With addictive gameplay that makes it both fun and rewarding to train in a virtual gym, Speed Bag: Urban Gym is primed to hit the App Store by force.


  • Use timing and rhythm to achieve the ultimate 3-count combos

  • Achieve "good strikes" through precise punches on a 3D speed bag

  • Climb up the boxing ladder – the more you improve, the more challenging the action becomes

  • Authentic speed bag replication – including top-notch physics, this is as real as training gets on your mobile device

  • Improve your actual boxing skills - Speed Bag: Urban Gym is your boxing haven away from the gym

Speed Bag: Urban Gym, developed by Amadeus Consulting, will soon be available for download from the App Store.

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