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Dimps Hopes to Create Original IPs for Mobile and Social


Dimps is probably most known for developing Sonic, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball Z games. Before founding Dimps, though, Takashi Nishiyama designed the first Street Fighter and worked on titles such as King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown. It's a bit odd that Nishiyama doesn't get a whole lot of mainstream attention considering he's been in the gaming industry so long and helped bring some of the most iconic franchises to light.

Since its creation, Dimps has developed several titles for existing franchises. The company has become known for successfully delivering quality titles such as Street Fighter IV, Sonic Rush, and one of my personal favorites, Sonic Colors. Dimps clearly knows what it's doing, and it's doing it with Nishiyama at the helm.

But like any great mind that's in the business of developing games, this designer doesn't just want to develop games for franchises that already exist. No, he wants to create his own IPs. In an interview with 1UP, Nishiyama explained his desire to create his very own franchises, stating, "I feel that it's time that we need to create our own social and browser IPs. We're going to start with things that have more manageable budgets, like social and browser games. I believe that's more realistic."

Nishiyama expressed his interest in these particular platforms, saying that it's a bit easier to experiment with new IPs on the social and mobile side of things. He also stated that by developing his own franchises, Dimps will be seen as competition by other devs, so he would like to approach this endeavor in the most effective way possible.

There's no doubt in my mind that Nishiyama and Dimps can create some solid IPs. Personally, I really look forward to seeing what the developer has in store, both in terms of the social and mobile gaming fronts, as well as a possible jump to consoles in the future.

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