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Digital Storm's Bolt II PC to feature Steam OS

Digital Storm Bolt II

CES 2014 is kicking off tomorrow and we already have a slew of new products unveiled from the show. For those with Steam Machines in their future, Digital Storm unveiled their latest Small Form Factor gaming PC, the Bolt II, which will come bundled with both Windows as well as Steam OS. Being built with the ability to play any game does come at a cost however. The Bolt II will retail for $1899, making it quite an expensive alternative to console prices, but it turns out, Digial Storm isn't looking to compete in that market.

“We (Digital Storm) are not looking to compete with console pricing,” said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development. “We’re taking aim at the high end of the market, targeting consumers that demand the best possible gaming experience and who are looking for a PC capable of playing any title on their new 4K display.”

While I'm generally turned off by highly priced PCs, especially since I built my own 4 years ago and it still runs games on high settings, I can't help but love the form factor of the Bolt II. Since I have a giant case, I'm always discouraged to bring my PC to LAN parties. The Bolt II's small form factor makes it not only easy to transport for cases like LAN Parties, it also looks really great.

It's also super customizable, which is also quite unique to a small form factor PC. Everything from the graphics card, storage drives, optical drive and cooling system can all be removed and swapped out when in need of upgrading, making it one of the most customizable small form factor PCs on the market.

It's also important to note that the Bolt II won't come with Steam OS during its launch since the OS is still in its early stages, and is just now being beta tested by 300 lucky Steam Machine testers.

If you're a PC gamer and you're looking to beef up your games with the latest and greatest, and don't mind paying the high asking price, the Bolt II will be out later this month. You can check out the full details on the Bolt II on the official site here.

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