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Digital Extremes on developing for PS4: 'It's empowering and challenging at the same time'


One of the best features about the PlayStation 4 is the ability to give self-published titles a chance to shine. Sony has embraced a "We <3 Developers" mentality. This policy has given indie developers a place to bring their original titles and it's working out particularly well for Digital Extremes, developers of Warframe.

"On previous titles we’ve always had a publisher, which was required to ship titles in the console market," associate producer Pat Kudirka explained. "This next generation of consoles, specifically PS4, allows independent developers like us to self-publish, without the traditional overhead costs that publishers usually shoulder when a game has to go on the shelf of a retail store.

"It’s empowering and challenging at the same time," Kudirka added. "By bringing Warframe to PS4, we get to tap into the console market and share our awesome space ninja experience with players who prefer console gaming over PC gaming."

Kudirka said that the transition to the PS4 has been "fairly smooth," noting the challenge is "always having the right information and proper tools to work with." He noted, "Sony has done a great job providing these tools to the development community, and continues to support us leading up to launch."

The fully published interview can be found on the PlayStation Blog, where you can learn more on how Digital Extremes is using the DualShock 4's technologies for Warframe.

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