Did the Wii U get that much faster with the latest software update?

Wii U (console) Screenshot - Touching black gamepad

There's no way to put this delicately -- the Wii U is sluggish. I enjoy the console, but the load times are unacceptable for a console released at the end of 2012. In the most recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo said that the latest Wii U software update would improve load times. Did they?

Polygon did some analysis -- so I don't have to -- and here are the results. The time comparisons are:

System Power Up 
Pre-patch: 15 seconds
Post-patch: 10 seconds

Opening Mii Maker 
Pre-patch: 18 seconds
Post-patch: 12 seconds

Opening System Settings 
Pre-patch: 13 seconds 
Post-patch: 8 seconds

Going Back To Menu 
Pre-patch: 25 seconds
Post-patch: 21 seconds

Starting Nintendo Land 
Pre-patch: 21 seconds
Post-patch: 14 seconds

Okay, the times are improved, but 21 seconds to go back to the Menu is far from where it needs to be. I have no doubt Nintendo will continue to patch and improve load times; I just wonder how much further they can improve.

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