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DICE Reassures Battlefield 3 Console Players


We've all seen the amazing footage of Battlefield 3. That's the PC version. For the majority of gamers buying the game on either PS3 or 360, it seems like a pipe dream that the game could ever look that good.

Until the console versions of the game are shown, the nagging worry is that Battlefield 3 on 360 or PS3 will be a different experience. In an interview with, DICE's Patrick Bach attempts to assuage some of those concerns.

“We're not cutting away any of the systems. So all of the animation, all of the lighting, all of the audio will be there for the consoles as well,” he said. “It's more about scaling resolution and effects, more or less. Motion blur, stuff like that.”

It sounds like the earth will still crack beneath you and buildings will still fall on your head, but at sub-720p resolutions. Many modern console games have cheated and dipped into sub-HD. It's safe to say that Battlefield 3 will be the same.

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