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DICE: Battlefield 3 Recommended Specs Only Good Enough for Medium Setting


If you plan on playing Battlefield 3 at it's highest settings you better make sure your PC is better than the recommended system requirements announced on the Battlefield 3 website. Just from the screenshots and videos, you could just tell Battlefield 3 was going to be taxing on your computer, but after DICE revealed the recommended system requirements, many thought they could get those gorgeous graphics and smooth gameplay with those requirements.

Unfortunately, DICE community manager Daniel Matros has dropped a nuclear bomb onto PC users. Those Battlefield 3 recommended system requirements will only be able to run the game at Medium settings. That means you are probably going to need a high-end computer to achieve those glorious HD graphics with simultaneous smooth gameplay.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm sure Battlefield 3 will still look fantastic at it's medium settings, but for those looking for deeper shadows and smoother textures, they might have to figure something out.

The news broke via a Twitter-based question and answer session earlier today, when Matros revealed that "recommended is usually medium."

Matros went on to say that if you were aiming to run the game at Ultra Settings, then you’ll probably need two GeForce GTX 580s in SLI configuration.

Perhaps the biggest question this raises is how Battlefield 3 will fare on consoles. I can only imagine how much DICE had to cut back to run Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 and PC. Judging from the 'Operation Metro' trailer showcasing Xbox 360 footage, it doesn't look too scaled back. I could be wrong though.

Does your PC meet the "recommended system requirements" or are you looking at a possible upgrade now?

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