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DICE: Bad Company 2 Fans 'Upset' With Free DLC, BF3 Gamers 'Suspicious' Over Battlefield 3 Free DLC


I, along with EA and DICE, have always thought gamers love free stuff. Apparently, that's not the case. Speaking to OXM, DICE producer Patrick Bach has noted a few interesting details about gamers views on downloadable content. Bach said:

“We actually got a lot of flack for giving away free maps. I know it sounds weird, but people got really upset with us. People said: ‘if you’re giving it away, why couldn’t you give it away earlier?’ There were a lot of complaints.”

DICE has released a ton of free Bad Company 2 DLC, mostly redesigned maps to support support other game modes, and the occasional remade map from Bad Company 1. In fact, the only paid DLC for Bad Company 2 was 'Vietnam', which was actually well received, despite it's $10 price.

“The only thing we’ve done that was more or less 100% positive was Vietnam: it was a bigger pack and we charged for it, but everyone saw the value, and everyone enjoyed the game.”

Bach said that when gamers paid for something, they expected a much greater value than if it was released for free, saying “people get very suspicious when they get something for free”. Well, that's obvious. If I pay for something, I want it to be worth it. With that being said, I wouldn't complain about a free map release here and there. What is there to be suspicious of over a free map offer?

So now the question is, has DICE learned from fan reactions to the past free DLC? EA and DICE have already stated that they plan up to three times the amount of DLC for Battlefield 3 compared to Bad Company 2. But will it be free or paid for content? According to Bach, this recent observation hasn't discouraged DICE from not giving away free DLC for Battlefield 3. In fact, even before the game is out, DICE is offering free DLC for Battlefield 3. If you pre-order BF3, you'll get the Back to Karkand expansion for free.

Just last week, DICE released an extended trailer showcasing some intense gameplay action from 'Operation Guillotine' on the Xbox 360. If the DLC is like the content below, then I'll gladly welcome free DLC.

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