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DICE Offers Battlefield 3: Back to Karkland Naming Competition


DICE is giving fans a chance to have a say in the  upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion, Back to Karkand.  Battlefield 3's first expansion/DLC will offer 4 maps from previous Battlefield titles remade for BF3.  One of those maps includes the most classic Battlefield map ever, Gulf of Oman, from Battlefield 2.

DICE is now hosting a competition giving players the chance to name a control point in the remade version of Gulf of Oman.  The maps won't be recreated exactly how they were once played on, but with a design philosphy that the new Gulf of Oman is set "a few years later in time than the original battles."

"As a player you will recognize most parts of the maps, but all things will not have stayed the same.  For example, one of the control pointsin Gulf of OMan (Rock Fort) used to be a seaside military base.  In Battlefield 3, this control point now sees villas in the same location."

What does this mean?  It means they need a new name for the control point, and fans have the opportunity to name it!  DICE is asking fans to go to the official Battlefield 3 Facebook page and submit your answers no later than October 28th. Winners will get the grand prize of having their name in the credits.  You'd think DICE could spare a free DLC for winning.  I guess those Battlefield 3 torrents have hit them hard.

Check out the full competion description including the terms and conditions here.

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