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DICE explains today's Battlefield 3 maintenance for Xbox 360, PS3


As we explained last night, DICE performed some short-noticed maintenance for Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles aimed at "improving server stability and overall connectivity".  Aside from the brief message posted on Battlelog, no other details were given.  Now the servers are back up and DICE has provided a recap of the day's events.

"In the light of previous events such as the PB issues that flared up yesterday as well as Console players having some connectivity issues and issues with actually joining servers, we decided that we would perform a little bit of maintenance and a restart to solve connectivity and server issues," DICE explained.

"For players who were getting kicked yesterday due to corrupt file/memory, this issue was solved yesterday evening and was because of a version mismatch between the updated client and Punkbuster."

DICE is continuing to monitor online connectivity and has asked fans to provide feedback in the forum section of Battlelog.

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