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DICE details Battlefield 3's 'Armored Kill' DLC


If Battlefield 3’s first DLC, Close Quarters, wasn’t up to par with your expectations, though it was for us, you’ll definitely want to check out what DICE is serving up in September’s add-on, “Armored Kill.”

Today, DICE detailed the upcoming add-on, revealing that it will feature four new maps, one of which will be the “biggest map in Battlefield history.” The DLC will also “up the ante vehicular mayhem” by introducing an all-new multiplayer mode called “Tank Superiority” and adding all new vehicles across all online modes. We can imagine that you’re salivating at the mouth to hear about this new mode that we just mentioned, but alas, DICE provided no further details. It sounds like nothing but tanks, though, and that alone is good enough to take my money (and probably yours as well).

Though we haven’t been told an exact date or price, we do know for sure that it’ll be out sometime this September and will be available a week earlier to Battlefield 3: Premium subscribers (and at a minor discount). Other than that, we can only assume that the add-on will be similar in price to Close Quarters and will be just as exquisite.

Source: [DICE

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