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DICE Clarifies Battlefield 3 "Gun Tweak"


Over the weekend, ran a headline that read: "Battlefield 3 guns to be tweaked more like Bad Company 2".  This was based off of a tweet by Battlefield 3's core gameplay designer Alan Kertz, who announced, "Working with a coder today to make Semiautomatic weapons fire smoother (like it was in BC2). STill some work to be done, hopefully soon."

This led to confusion amongst fans, with many believing Battlefield 3's weapon fire would be smoother, like Battlefield: Bad Company.  As it turns out, it was all a misunderstanding.  The great thing about Twitter is easy access to developer comments and updates.  The bad news is sometimes it can be misunderstood.

Alan Kertz clarified the tweet today, once again via Twitter.  "The damage will not change, the way they fire will improve so they dont' 'jam' between shots."

Battlefield 3's recent patches have revamped the squad interface, added Battlelog features, and most recently allowed users to enable Stereoscopic 3D.



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