DICE bans "several hundred" BF3 cheaters, intensifies anti-cheat measures

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DICE today announced the "banning of several hundred confirmed cheaters" in Battlefield 3 based on player reports and behavior data.

In addition to the ban announcement, they also emphasized their dedication to making Battlefield 3 a fun, fair game that is free of cheaters.

"At DICE, we will never tolerate cheaters. Life on the battlefield can be harsh, especially when you’re up against the fantastic flying duo. But it should never be a case of you losing because someone is outright cheating."

Starting today, DICE will intensify their effort to rid the game of cheaters.

"Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others," explained DICE.  "We do this for the millions of dedicated players out there who deserve a fair game, every game.

If you believe you have been the victim of outright cheating, the best way to report your concerns is to go to Battlelog, enter the profile page of the person you suspect and click the triangle in the top right corner of his name.

DICE encouraged players to enter as much detail as possible, describing what specifically makes you believe the reported player was cheating.

"Reducing the number of cheaters is an ongoing endeavor, and one that we will never stop. Thanks for your co-operation, and see you on the battlefield!"

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