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Diabolical Pitch from Grasshopper Manufacture looks crazy


I'm a huge fan of Suda51 and developer Grasshopper Manufacture. Since the moment I played the first No More Heroes, I instantly became a fan. I loved that game so much that I immediately began following Suda51's work religiously, and I went back to play Killer7, which is freaking awesome.

A while back it was revealed that Grasshopper was working on a brand new game for the Kinect. That game is Diabolical Pitch, and it has you playing as a baseball pitcher who has to fend off evil creatures. In Diabolical Pitch, you use the Kinect technology to pitch balls at your enemies, and there are special moves you can perform and other layers to make the whole thing feel like a video game.

It's hard to explain, really. You know what? Check out the game's trailer, and then report back here.

Done? So yeah, that's Diabolical Pitch. The whole thing doesn't look very deep, but a lot of Suda51's games are never really deep. Instead, they're unique and fun. Diabolical Pitch certainly looks somewhat unique, and it stands out from a lot of other Kinect games because it proudly boasts that Suda51 style. And does it look fun? Hell yes.

I'm really looking forward to learning more about this game, and it is yet another reason for me to go out and buy an Xbox 360 along with a Kinect. Diabolical Pitch is due out April 4.

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