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Diablo 3 Release Nearing


Forget all of the news about Congress reaching an agreement on the debt crises. Bigger news has arrived with Blizzard Entertainment releasing a beta update for Diablo 3 this weekend. What does this update mean? Well, aside from all of us fans being able to download the beta, it doesn't MEAN anything. However, it SUGGESTS that the final release date of Diablo 3 is nearing.

Blizzard gave an official statement regarding the target dates for the release, hinting it will be released between July and September. Now that the Beta version is released, it's expected that the Official Release will happen some time around the fourth quarter, or January 2012 at the latest. It would be most beneficial for Diablo 3 to be ready in time for the holidays, and that a January release might be too late to really take advantage of all of the hype.

Blizzard has released a statement announcing that they will not release the game early to compromise on game play. Lets hope that the standard of the beta test will be high, otherwise we could still be in for a long wait.

When do you think Diablo 3 will officially arrive?

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