Diablo 3 servers brought back temporarily, taken offline for 'urgent maintenance'

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If you thought Blizzard was done performing maintenance on Diablo 3, you were wrong.  Shortly after bringing the servers back online, Blizzard is planning on bringing them down again.  Or, depending on when you are reading this, the Diablo 3 servers might already be down.

After discovering several issues that were impacting Diablo 3 on the day of launch, Blizzard brought down the North American servers for some "emergency maintenance". 

The servers remained down for several hours causing some "interruption in communication, ability to log in, use of in-game features, and disconnections."  Soon after, Blizzard brought the servers temporarily back up (at least we were able to login), but just announced they will be taken offline again.

Starting at approximately 2:15 p.m. PDT, Blizzard will be bringing Diablo 3 servers in the Americas offline for "urgent maintenance" to address several issues that are impacting the game.  They anticipate that the maintenance will last for about an hour and that servers will be available at approximately 3:30 p.m. PDT.  Of course, if it's anything like the earlier problems expect the servers to be down much longer.

Blizzard will continue to provide further updates and we'll continue to share it with you guys.

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