Diablo 3 release date rumors are false, says Blizzard

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Over the weekend it was reported that Diablo 3 would be released on, or around, February 1, 2012.  The rumors started when a Joystiq follower shared an image of a Diablo 3 promotional display at a Best Buy in Rochester, Minnesota. 

The display, which can be seen below, advertised the game as releasing February 1.  In addition, the Best Buy was announcing a midnight launch for the highly-anticipated game.

Adding fuel to the fire was reports that the Diablo 3 product page on Best Buy also showed a February 1, 2012 release date along with UK retailer Gameplay showing a February 3, 2012 release date.

Finally, someone from Blizzard has stepped forward and addressed these release rumors.  Blizzard Community Manager, @Bashiok, denied the rumors, saying on Twitter, "Diablo III does not have a release date."

"Any store or person claiming otherwise is guessing," he continued.

With the sign appearing so close to CES 2012, some believe Blizzard was planning to announced the release date this week.  But with the game being stuck in production hell, Blizzard's goal for a same-day worldwide release is in jeopardy.

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