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Diablo 3 patch 2.0.2 now live; change-log detailed

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Diablo 3's latest update, patch 2.0.2 is now live in the Americas. Whereas patch 2.0.1 was more about new features and prepping the game for the launch of the upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion, today's patch is more about bug fixing with a tweak to experience requirements for Paragon 500 and above. Below are the notes for patch 2.0.2.

  • Experience requirements for Paragon 500 and above have been increased
  • Disabled sound notifications for Clan and Community chat
  • Bug Fixes
    • Gold can once again be purchased and sold on the Real Money Auction House
    • Level 60 Crafted Amulets now properly require Fiery Brimstone to craft
    • Sokahr the Keywarden now reflects a more reasonable amount of damage with his whirlwind attack
    • The portal leading from the second Hell Rift to the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier now functions properly
    • The experience bar has been removed from the Followers UI
    • The Siegebreaker Assault Beast no longer performs other actions during his grab attack animation


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