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Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7 goes live, adds 'Brawling' PvP feature


Yesterday's 1.0.7 patch for Diablo 3 added a new "Brawling" feature that will function as a simple dueling system while Blizzard works to revamp it's separate PvP mode

Brawling instead allows you to challenge players in a new zone designed specifically for one on one matches. The new area, called "The Scorched Chapel" can be accessed by speaking with Nek the Brawler in any of the four Act hubs. The zone supports two to four players in a Free-For-All format.

Death in the brawling world is not permanent, even for Hardcore characters. On top of that, your equipment will not suffer from any durability damage due to PvP combat. 

Some important stat changes in Brawling are as follows:

  • Demon Hunters, Witch Doctors, and Wizards receive a 30% damage reduction while in the Scorched Chapel
  • Barbarians and Monks receive an additional 5% damage reduction (in addition to the 30% they inherently receive, for a total of 35%) while in the Scorched Chapel

In no way is Brawlng meant to replace the initial PvP system, which Blizzard continues to work on. Although, the status of the PvP system is still unknown.

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