Devoted fan constructs an 'unofficial' Grand Theft Auto 5 map based on screenshots, trailers

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot - 1105598

If you’ve yet to learn one thing as a gamer, you should come to a realization that our medium is filled with talented people, and today’s news only verifies that fact. Spotted on, a dedicated fan has constructed an unofficial Grand Theft Auto 5 map based solely off of screenshots released to date from developer Rockstar.

Known as “jbte” on the fan forum, this gamer has attempted to locate real-life locations seen in the many screenshots/videos released to date to “accurately” display what could be the map for Grand Theft Auto 5. Though this clearly could be far from what we’ll see when the game ships this spring, the amount of time it took for this gamer to conquer such a feat is truly spectacular.

Below is the fan-created map as seen on 

GTA fan map

A larger version of the fan can be seen from the source link below. 

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