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Devil May Cry Director Teases Work on New Game, Fans Assume DMC 5

But he's also made Power Stone and Dragon's Dogma

Hideaki Itsuno, the man behind the Devil May Cry series has come to Twitter with a big announcement. He's working on a new game this year.

It's unsure whether or not this means Devil May Cry 5, but considering the other series he's been a part of, that seems most likely. He's previously worked on the Dreamcast Power Stone games, a 3D-style fighting game similar to Super Smash Brothers, and Dragon's Dogma, a western-style action-RPG.Considering Power Stone hasn't seen the light of day since the Dreamcast, that seems pretty unlikely (Though very welcome). Dragon's Dogma was actually a pretty great game, mixing RPG aspects and AI-controlled teammates with Dark Souls- like combat. 

However, this humble writer's opinion matters not, because the fans are roaring for a new Devil May Cry. Here is live footage of a fan preparing for its eventual announcement:

[Via GamesRadar]

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