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Developers guide players into the world of Exteel

Developers guide players into the world of Exteel

Guide eases players into the world of arena combat

Exteel is NCsoft's newest foray into the world of massively multiplayer gaming. It is, essentially, arena combat (Exteel preview) involving mechs. According to NCsoft: "Exteel, a free to play and download game coming soon from NCsoft, which pits players versus players as pilots of heavily armored, completely customizable giant robots called mechanaughts.

In this GameZone exclusive, the game's developers offer a look into the world of Exteel from the perspective of the new gamer ... 

Exteel PC screenshots

Exteel Dev Paper – Tutorial Overview and the Pinkett

One of the reasons why Exteel is so easy to play and master is that it contains a comprehensive tutorial system that all players can access, complete and even run through again if they wish. Not only do the extensive and interactive tutorials give you a full sense on how to play Exteel, they grant extra in-game credits and other bonuses that will prove extremely beneficial almost immediately.

Exteel features nine tutorial missions altogether, five of which are “beginner”-type missions, built around teaching basic movement, using the booster, jumping, using weapons, overheating and swapping (exchanging) weapons. You won’t get any bonuses or extra goods for finishing these tutorial missions, but they’ll give you a good understanding on how Exteel plays at its basic level.

The four “advanced”-level missions delve into using specific types of weapons in Exteel. For instance, the first mission, “Rifle Training,” deals with proper use of rifles and destroying the enemy at range. “Sword and Shield Training” describes how to use melee weapons as well as defensive shields. These missions usually require the player to kill a certain number of opponents within a time limit. Advanced tutorials, once completed, also give a reward to the player, depending on the mission. For finishing “Cannon Training”, the player will receive a giant cannon. Completing the tutorial “SMG Training” will reward the player two decent SMGs and a nice credit bonus.

Here’s a listing of the tutorials and associated rewards:

  • Beginner Training 1: Movement

  • Beginner Training 2: Booster Movement

  • Beginner Training 3: Jump Movement

  • Beginner Training 4: Aiming and Attacking

  • Beginner Training 5: Overheating and Weapon Swapping

  • Advanced Training 1: Rifle Training
    Reward: 2 Marauder-C rifles

  • Advanced Training 2: Cannon Training
    Reward: Poseidon-C cannon

  • Advanced Training 3: SMG Training
    Reward: 2 Planet Eagle-C SMGs and 5,000 credits

  • Advanced Training 4: Sword and Shield Training
    Reward: 10,000 credits

You can stop playing any of the tutorials at any time, and come back to finish them off later. However, you can only receive the reward for completing an advanced tutorial mission only once.

Exteel PC screenshots

The Pinkett

All players also start out with the Pinkett, also known as “Old Reliable,” the standard all-around multi-purpose Mechanaught. The Pinkett is a decent light Mechanaught valuable for new recruits; equipped with the p-booster backpack, it can perform well in a combat environment and can even be deadly at the hands of an expert pilot. 

Pinketts come equipped with two sets of weapons, a pair of Tommy Striker-C SMGs for short-distance ranged combat, and a Crimson Edge-C blade with a Defender-C shield for melee combat. The SMG is a very basic, rapid-fire close-in weapon. It doesn’t overheat quickly and can easily hit targets without requiring exact aim. In other words, it’s perfect for a beginner. The blade and shield combo is typical of a second set of weapons; when the SMGs eventually overheat, switching to this set will you move in close for some sword fighting. The shield, when in use, will block a portion of the damage received from incoming fire.

Another benefit of the Pinkett (and the sets of weapons it comes with) is that it doesn’t degrade through usage. Most Mechanaught parts and weapons have a durability rating, and you must repair each item (by purchasing repair points in the store) before they become useless. Because the Pinkett or its weapons won’t wear out, new pilots don’t have to worry about buying repair points just yet. Note that you cannot scrap these items for credits like they can with regular items (like the weapons rewarded from advanced tutorial missions).

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