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Developer Talks Ancients of Ooga

March 15, 2010

Developer Talks Ancients of Ooga

Ancients of Ooga creator unveils plot and characters for upcoming XBLA platformer

NinjaBee and development team J Kenworthy Entertainment have released new details about the plot and characters of their upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Ancients of Ooga. In addition to information regarding the game’s premise, the studios released the first screenshots of the new characters and environments.

“Ancients of Ooga places you as the Great Spirit of Ooga – a long-absent deity summoned to free the enslaved Oogani race,” said John Nielson, creator of Ancients of Ooga and founder of J Kenworthy Entertainment. “Your adventure takes you across the land of Ooga visiting several villages where you recruit and possess individual Ooganis to unite seven wayward tribes. Each Oogani tribe possesses unique ancient powers that have been lost. As you befriend each tribe, rediscover their powers and revive their murdered chiefs, you can eventually free the Ooganis and organize a revolt to fight off their oppressive captors, the fearsome Boolis.”

Many tribes possess more than one power. Here’s a little information about what each tribe can do.

The tribes

  • Harvesters – Harvesters come from an agricultural realm where they can learn to walk freely through deadly briars and thorns.

  • Stoners – With bodies hard as stone, the Stoners can learn to use their bodies to smash through walls or enemies.

  • Swimmers – Swimmers possess the ability to breathe underwater and can learn to swim at high speeds.

  • Firelings – These Ooganis like it hot - learning to breathe fire helps.

  • Flappers – In their high village, learning to fly can be helpful.

  • Stinkers – Probably not the first people you’ve met with breath that can kill.

  • Warriors – Uncanny, animal-like speed and strength give these Ooganis the edge in most fights.

Ancients of Ooga is expected to arrive on XBLA in 2010.

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