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Developer of Chime Making Zumba 2


If you've followed various best-seller charts, like our weekly looks at the Amazon top 5, then you know the one constant: Zumba Fitness. The game has gone well beyond the typical reception and become a mainstream phenomenon. It's only expected that the game would get a sequel.

The surprising part is who will be developing the sequel. Zoe Mode, best known as the developer of Chime, is overseeing production. The first game was developed by Pipeworks Software.

Chime was a great game, so this seems like it would be potentially exciting news. But if you look back on Zoe Mode's catalog, they're no stranger to games like this. Four words: Dancing with the Stars.

The other odd reveal is that the game won't be hitting platforms other than Wii until next year. I guess you have to go where the money is, but Kinect and Move versions of the game probably wouldn't hurt, either.

While it's nice to see the developer of Chime getting work, Zumba Fitness 2 probably won't be too different from its predecessor. And here I thought maybe it would be a good way to make gamers out of some of the mainstream audience.

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