Developer Spotted Zebra Software announces two Windows 8 titles

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The reaction to Windows 8 from developers hasn't been all that warm. With Valve, Blizzard, and Markus "Notch" Persson openly expressing disdain toward the operating system, it's obvious that there are some influential developers that are wary of the Microsoft creation.

Despite the negative press, however, there are a few titles scheduled to be available on the platform when it launches on October 26. Among those games are two indie titles from developer Spotted Zebra Software. The first is the word-based game Adlib, which requires players to create words at a fast-paced rate before the screen fills up. The second game is a puzzler titled Petunk, which features a distinct construction paper-esque art style.

It's interesting to see developers trying their hand at some Windows 8 projects. We'll have to wait and see how these games fare once the OS actually launches later this month.

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