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Developer Nigoro discusses the La-Mulana fiasco


When the North American WiiWare version of indie gem La-Mulana was canceled by Nicalis last week, indie fans looking to support the game were quickly let down by the news. The publisher took a lot of criticism from angry gamers, and CEO Tyrone Rodriguez quickly responded, saying that developer Nigoro's attempt to create DLC for the game took a long time. In that period of time, WiiWare saw a steady decline in popularity, forcing La-Mulana to be canceled.

Nigoro has since spoken about the whole situation. In an interview with IndieGames, La-Mulana director Takumi Naramura stated that it was, in fact, Nigoro's plans for DLC that really stalled the development of the North American version of the game. "Unfortunately we wanted to release DLC, but we were supposed to cancel the DLC because of a number of factors and Nicalis' request," he said. "If there is a person who has neglected their duties, it would be us. We are sorry that we could not publish any information for several months because of the contract and circumstances with Nicalis."

Still, things aren't looking too bleak, because Nigoro is working hard on the PC version of the game, and Naramura assures gamers that La-Mulana will come to North American PCs with all of the features of the Japanese WiiWare version — that includes DLC. The director went on to say that he hopes to release the game on Steam, but that all depends on the publisher that backs the title.

In addition to the PC version of La-Mulana, Naramura said he would like to see the game released for Mac, iPhone, Android, 3DS, or Vita (or possibly all of the above, because why not?). Again, it all depends on whether or not Nigoro gets support from a publisher. If the game takes off like Cave Story, though, that shouldn't be a problem.

It's probably going to be a while before La-Mulana launches for PC in North America, but let's hope the wait will be worth it.


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