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Developer feedback warrants OUYA controller tweaks


Now that developer OUYA consoles have been in the hands of the devs, they've been able to put the console through a stress test and provide feedback on what works, and what doesn't. The OUYA controller will, in turn, be getting a slight redesign thanks to this feedback.

Since the release of the OUYA Dev Console last month, developers around the world have sent us a ton of emails, comments, videos and forum posts… all about our controller. A lot of the feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but ALL were great to hear.

The changes to the controller include a cross style D-Pad instead of the disc styled one, like on the Xbox 360 controller. Thumbsticks will be getting additional grip on the top. The touch pad will be getting enhanced settings for sensitivity. The triggers will be more flushed with the body of the controller. Lastly, the battery bay will have a more snug fit and made out of a higher-quality material.

It really goes to show that the OUYA team is willing to make any changes necessary to make the console a top quality product for its scheduled release this March.


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