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Dev Roundtable Gives Insight on Animal Crossing 3DS


Animal Crossing is a fun, lighthearted, easy-going franchise that's just cool to sit down with and play whenever you don't want to engage in something a bit more stressful or challenging. It goes without saying that Animal Crossing 3DS will undoubtedly be a game to watch out for if you own or plan to own Nintendo's dual screen handheld. The game's dev team revealed some insightful information on the next iteration of the series in a recent video roundtable, responding to fans' emails and addressing the tropes of Animal Crossing 3DS.

The first thing worth noting is that you will no longer be a mere citizen in the world of Animal Crossing. No, this time around, you're going to be the freaking mayor, and you're going to be in charge! That's an interesting change, and as mayor, you can develop the town as you see fit, or let it rot under your watch. Of course, the fun in these games is usually based around attempting to make your character's life better and buying new stuff, so I doubt anyone is going to just let their town crumble.

There will also be more items, which is to be expected as this is a sequel. But the cool thing here is that with taller character designs come more options for dressing up your Animal Crossing star. Girls will now be able to wear pants, and it's possible that boys will be given the opportunity to finally wear skirts. Finally, people! You will also be able to add items such as benches and street lamps to your town, which is neat for when you visit other players' worlds.

Speaking of the game world, everything will be bigger this time around. You can expect a bigger ocean, a bigger town, more land to customize and adorn with items, and a mall area. Of course, the game is called Animal Crossing, so you can expect a lot of critters roaming around. These creatures have also been altered to scale more accurately with your character. So small characters such as squirrels will be smaller, and big beasts like bears will be much bigger than before.

These are just a few of the things 3DS owners can expect from Animal Crossing 3DS. There will, of course, be much more you can see and do. Added patterns for your furniture, a bunch of new items, characters old and new, StreetPass features, and much, much more will be present in Animal Crossing 3DS. I skipped out on Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii, but after watching this roundtable, I really feel the need to get some lighthearted gaming done with the now budget-priced game. Watch out for Animal Crossing 3DS, and stay tuned for more on the game straight from Nintendo in the coming months.

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