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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coming to Mac


Dust off that old Mac video card because Feral Interactive has just announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be coming to the Mac in winter 2011/12. Known for it's ability to let users proficiently upload videos to Youtube and update their Facebook status, the release of Deus Ex for the Mac is just a small step in the future of gaming for Mac computers.

“We are delighted to partner with Feral, a leading expert in development for the Mac platform, to bring the acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Mac players, ” said Stephane D’Astous, general manager of Eidos-Montreal. “The game presents a powerful vision of a dystopian future, and we’re excited that gamers will now be able to experience it on the Mac.”

Set in 2027, Deus Ex: Human Revolution immerses players in a world where amoral corporations market biomechanical modifications that blur the boundary between man and machine. The player controls former SWAT commander Adam Jensen who has been forced to undergo cybernetic augmentations after a terrorist attack on Sarif Industries, the biotech company where he works as security chief.

To find those responsible, the player must explore the full potential of Adam’s augmented body and develop it to suit their playing style. Every situation can be approached in countless different ways, either by focusing on one of the four pillars of gameplay - combat, stealth, hacking and social - or by deploying an artful combination of all four. As they progress, players will be able to “purchase” new augmentations or upgrade existing ones to manipulate Adam’s body into their perfect machine.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s engrossing plot puts players in strikingly inventive futuristic visions of real cities such as Detroit and Montreal, where they must scrutinize everything to uncover the secrets behind a global conspiracy that threatens everyone. The outcome of the game depends on the actions and judgements made by the player, whether in choosing an upgrade, hacking a computer, or choosing to hide in the shadows rather than open fire.

Pricing, system requirements and a more precise release date will be announced later this year.

Finally, Mac users can take face-warping pictures in Photobooth AND enjoy Deus Ex!

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